Friday Evening

Friday EveningEventSpeakerRoom
04:30 PM06:30 PMRegistration Desk OpenHallway
04:30 PM06:30 PMCredentials Desk OpenHallway
05:00 PM05:30 PMFirst Timers ReceptionHospitality Suite
05:30 PM11:00 PMHospitality Room OpenHospitality Suite
05:30 PM11:00 PMSilent Auction OpenHospitality Suite
06:05 PM06:15 PMContestant BriefingBeaufort
06:30 PM07:20 PMTable Topics ContestRedbird D
07:20 PM07:45 PMBreak
07:45 PM08:45 PMMeet and Greet / Q&AJim Key, DTM
2003 World Champion of Public Speaking
Redbird D
09:00 PM09:30 PMMagic by YortRedbird D
09:30 PM10:00 PMBreak
10:00 PM10:45 PMLip Sync ContestRedbird D

Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning
07:00 AM11:05 AMHospitality Room OpenHospitality Suite
07:00 AM07:00 PMRegistration Desk OpenHallway
07:00 AM07:45 AMCredentials Desk Open
Will close 15 minutes before District Council Meeting
07:00 AM09:00 PMSilent Auction OpenHospitality Suite
08:00 AM09:15 AMDistrict 54 Council MeetingPat Reisdorf, ACG, ALBRedbird D
09:15 AM09:30 AMClub Banner / Color Guard LineupRedbird D
09:30 AM10:00 AMWelcome & Opening CeremoniesRedbird D
10:00 AM10:07 AMBreak
10:07 AM10:57 AMKeynote:
Hitting the Mark: The Quest for Excellence
Jim Key, DTM
2003 World Champion of Public Speaking
Redbird D
10:57 AM11:15 AMBreak
11:15 AM12:00 PMDTM Advanced Club MeetingBeaufort
11:15 AM12:00 PMEducation Session 1
Social Media: Take your Club from Thriving to Awesome!
Eddie Gichuhi, DTMFell A

Saturday Afternoon

Saturday Afternoon
12:15 PM01:45 PMLunch / Hall of Fame (Part I)
C & L Presentation
Jeffery Lehmann, DTM
Bev Hornickel
Redbird D
01:45 PM02:05 PMBreak
02:05 PM03:00 PMMaximum Impact: Getting the Most From Your Toastmasters ExperienceJim Key, DTM - 2003 World Champion of Public SpeakingRedbird D
03:00 PM03:15 PMBreak
03:15 PM04:00 PMEducation Session II
7 Habits of Highly Effective Toastmasters
Paul Rak, ACB, ALBFell C
03:15 PM04:00 PMEducation Session II
George Washington and What Lies in Between
Harvey Thomas, DTMFell A
04:00 PM04:15 PMBreak
04:15 PM05:00 PMEducation Session III
Go BIG (or, Life Begins at the Edge of Your Comfort Zone)
Laurie Heermance, DTMFell A
04:15 PM05:00 PMEducation Session III
Positivity Propels
Martie Ogborn, DTMFell C

Saturday Evening

Saturday Evening
05:15 PM05:25 PMContest Functionary BriefingFell C
05:15 PM05:25 PMContestant BriefingBeaufort
06:05 PM07:00 PMDinner with DTM RecognitionRedbird D
07:10 PM08:30 PMHumorous Speech ContestRedbird D
08:30 PM09:00 PMHall of Fame (Part II)Jeffery Lehmann, DTMRedbird D
09:00 PM09:10 PMDistrict Director CommentsPat Reisdorf, ACG, ALBRedbird D
09:10 PM09:20 PMFall Conference Committee CommentsCrystal Dyer / Bonnie Tippey, DTMRedbird D
09:35 PM09:50 PMRaffle Winners AnnouncedRedbird D
09:50 PM10:00 PMSpring Conference Chair WelcomeRedbird D
10:00 PM11:30 PMHospitality Room OpenHospitality Suite