What will you say to the Rabbit?

Can you hear him? He is worried about being late... but you don't have to worry if you act quickly!

That's right. I am talking about registering for the Fall Conference. Registration with meals will remain open until Sunday, November 8, 2015. Please go to District 54 Fall Contest website and register now. You don't want to be telling Mr. Rabbit's sad story about being late for a very important date.

Need more convincing? How about:

  • Our wondrous Keynote Speaker Jim Key, DTM. He is the 2003 World Champion of Public Speaking. Check out his video on the conference webpage. He will presenting not one, not two, but THREE different sessions.
  • Educational Sessions? The presenters are Eddie Gichuhi, Harvey Thomas, Paul Rak, Laurie Heermance and Martie Ogborn. Check out their session descriptions on the website.
  • Not one but TWO different speaking contests? That's right! Friday night will be the Table Topics Contest. Saturday night will be the Humorous Speech Contest.
  • A magician and a lip sync contest? Ever heard of anything like it? Both will be happening Friday night.
  • A little early Christmas shopping? There will be a Silent Auction of baskets with a guaranteed value of at least $25. A basket raffle of baskets under $25. There will also be a 50/50 raffle on Friday night and another on Saturday night. Lots of chances for lots of folks to win.
  • And finally the best reasons to attend - the District Council meeting Saturday morning to see how the District conducts business. There must be a quorum to vote and if you are a Club President or a Club Vice President Education, you are needed. You have a vote to cast.


Did you know attending a conference is the best way to network? Here is a wondrous opportunity to meet other Toastmasters throughout the District. You never know what new opportunities may come out of your attendance.

Is this your first conference? Don't forget to sign up and attend the 1st Timers' Reception Friday evening.

So there it is. Lots of reasons to register to attend the District 54 Fall Conference. It will be at the Marriott Hotel in uptown Normal. We will begin on Friday and go through Saturday evening. Check out the website for more details and to register to attend.

Remember: TOASTMASTERS GO B.I.G! Believe in Greatness!

See you there.

Registration Contest current positions:

  • Four Seasons Club is currently leading all other clubs in percentage of attendees to current members
  • Area 50 is currently leading all other areas in percentage of attendees to current members.
  • Division D is currently leading all other divisions in percentage of attendees to current members

Help your club, area, and divisions win the Registration Contest! Register Today!